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How To Use


This microphone is designed to operate at close range, 1-2 cm from the sound source. Increasing distance will quickly remove the advantages and might render problems. Experiment to find the sweet spot of your bass. With the index finger between the microphone and the bass,
the distance is usually ok.

It is also important that the microphone is not too close to the bass top, as this can also in some cases result in high frequency feedback.

To this end, a microphone holder mounted on the bass, such as the H-clamp or Bass-on-stage solutions we offer, gives the best result. With a separate microphone stand, the distance to the sound source is likely to vary too much.

With a separate microphone stand, the distance to the sound source is likely to vary too much.


Connect the microphone using a three pin XLR cable to a microphone preamp with balanced input. We suggest that you set the volume and treble control to zero.

Make sure the 48V phantom power is on, and you should be ready to start finding a good position for the microphone.

Raise the volume carefully, and when the volume is enough, raise the treble control.

Important: If your amplifier does not have phantom power, you will need to acquire a separate preamp to be able to use the microphone. Feel free to get in touch for our recommendations.


As with any type of microphone, different placement on the bass top will result in different sound characteristics. Placing the microphone under the bridge gives a very detailed and “solid” sound, whereas a placement close to the f-hole will produce a more “airy” sound with more bass and resonances from the body.

We encourage you to experiment a bit to find the placement that works best on your bass. However, in a recording situation, a placement close to the f-hole is usually recommended.


When turning on your amplifier, make sure the volume and treble are all the way down.

Upon turning on the amp, slowly turn up the volume to the desired playing level.

Treble never did any good for the bass sound anyway.