Our story

All through my life as a jazz bass player, I have chased the natural sound of the double bass. Experimented with more setups, strings, amps and pickups than I can remember.

My interest for electronics started even before I began to play the bass, and my knowledge about acoustics has been inspired by my friendship with the late loudspeaker wizard Stig Carlson (father of the famous Carlson speakers), who also had his special take on recording and live amplification.

The last years I have had the opportunity to intensify my experiments, as responsible for the reference recordings for the high end loudspeaker manufacturer Marten Design.

The introduction of the Chuck Israels signature microphone means a new chapter in the story – one that I am proud and excited to share with all my fellow bassplayers out there; to hit the low notes with the Chuck Israels signature microphone, is simply a joy I wish you all to experience!


Peter Axelsson

Fellow bassplayer, founder,

Xlson Audio